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••100% Soy Wax••

We only use soy wax at CERA Candles, and for good reason! Soy wax has the cleanest burn and produces very little to no soot at all. This is a far better option than paraffin wax, which produces soot and pollutes your environment and can be harmful to your health. Soy wax does not contain any harmful toxins or carcinogens and is a completely renewable resource.

Other benefits of soy wax include:
-Long lasting burn*
-Carbon Neutral**

*Soy wax burns cooler and will generally last 30-50% longer than paraffin wax candles.
**Our soy wax supplier is doing their part to help offset CO2 emissions from transportation

••Essential oil••

We use pure essential oils only, hence our candles give theuraputic aromatic benefits according to the essential oil used.

••Size & Dimensions••
Vessel size - about 6 diameter and 7 cm high.

Ceramic vessel with cover.

Appoximate volume - 60-70 ml (2.5 oz)

••Burn Times••

4 oz: 15-20 hours
8 oz: 40-50 hours
Burn times will depend upon candle care-see below!

••Burning Instructions••

Do the following to get the longest burn:
-Keep wooden/cotten wick trimmed to 1/4" for every burn
-For first use, burn until wax pool meets the edge of the glass; this allows for an even burn
-Let the wax cool before burning again
-Do not burn longer than 3 hours at a time
-Keep away from drafts; this can create an uneven burn and a flame that is too strong
-Burn in a safe place away from children, loose articles, hanging plants, and cat tails

Cera Candle in Mini Clay pot with cotton pouch

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